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Highly Sensitivity Rf Detector Bug Hunter-2 Professional GSM Scanner Anti-spy BH-2 Hidden Wireless Camera Finder

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Manufacturer Description

MAIN FEATURES OF THIS DEVICE: * Exact proclaimed parameters * Three settings: hunt, surveillance as well as audio string * Easy to make use of * Due high-speed microprocessor-based device BH-2 spot all electronic as well as analog spy insects as well as cameras * Built-in GSM-filter * Device deals with the whole feasible operating wide range of frequencies, of spy insects as well as covert cameras, coming from 50 to 3000 MHz * top edge security-sensitive (was actually tested in many individual research institutes) * Equally really good work in the whole frequency wide range * The highest possible sensitivity * Extended dynamic wide range * Detection of both analog as well as electronic insects (brief rhythms) * Automatic conform to history levels of radio alerts. * Indication of battery discharge * Additional exterior aerial * Can operate coming from: AAA battery or rechargeable battery * Smart Self-testing technology * Super top sensitivity - gadget has a really top sensitivity, no less: 50mV/m * High-end e-filling makes it possible for Bug Hunter to spot standard spy insect (5 mW) at a proximity of 5 meters as well as a sturdy tissue phone indicator - a proximity of 50 meters. TECHNOLOGICAL CHARACTERISTICS: * Frequency wide range: 50-3000MHz (the wide range at which work insects as well as covert cameras) * The sensitivity (lowest noticeable field strength), no less: 50 mV/ m * Dynamic wide range, no less: 48 dB * Detection wide range radio 5 mW: 5 meters * Detection wide range of tissue phone: 50 meters1 * 1 YEAR WARRANTY

Product Features

In addition to GSM-filter, BugHunter Professional uses Automatic adjustment to background levels of radio signals. That allows do not react to extraneous noise and identifying a local bug. This technology is unique because this function is automatic. Other Detectors can not operate stably in such difficult environment. BugHunter Professional BH-02 Is intended for search and detection in near field of Wireless transmitting devices: bugs, wireless microphones, hidden wireless cameras, and all other spy devices, as well as working cell phones standards GSM, DAMPS, AMPS, DECT. Wireless network signal (Wi-Fi), suspicious radio signals in the environment, wireless surveillance system field, electromagnetic radiation that hazardous to health or will detect whether there are in the environment known as the "killer phone" strong radiation. This device has unique innovations: built-in GSM filter. Ultra highest dynamic range (48 dB), Super high sensitivity - 50 mV / m. Was improved search performance bugs and other spyware devices. This professional Bug Hunter Provides ultimate Protection. Unique development, which shocked its adaptability, accuracy and sensitivity of the entire market for security tools! New ! High-tech professional secure level NOW available for everyday use. Professional high-speed microprocessor-based system, specially designed for detection and locate of any radio transmitting devices: analog and digital bugs, hidden wireless cameras, 2-way radios, walkie-talkies, radio, cellular and cordless phones, wireless microphones and any "wiretapping" devices. Built-in GSM-filter. Today, GSM-towers can be seen at every step: In large metropolitan areas and in small towns. It is good for cellular communications, but makes it difficult to searching "bugs". GSM-towers are powerful sources of radio signals, due high Interference even high-quality bug detector does not detect spy equipment in such difficult environment. This Bug Hunter uses unique Detection Technology: ultra-sensitive GSM-filter. This special filter, automatically blocks all background levels of signals and minimizes interference from GSM-towers which allowing you to use a detector even in the close proximity to noise sources. GSM filter allows detection bugs and "wiretapping devices" very effectively in any difficult environment. Bug Hunter Professional BH-02 was tested in many independent research institutes and laboratories, that proved unprecedented effectiveness of this device. According to an official tests, the device fully complies with the technical characteristics stated by the manufacturer. This super-sensitive Detector will control all undesired events in real time and if happen undesirable precedent it will instantly find a threat! Using Bug Hunter will protect your private life and business from uninvited intrusion. Want to be confident, be protected and do not worry about your private life .

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