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EyeClops Night Vision Infared Stealth Binoculars

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Manufacturer Description

Powered by Real Night Vision Technology, EyeClops Night Vision is the real offer! Undetectable infrared illumination suggests you see them. They cannot see you.Find out what goes on after the lights go out with the Eyeclops Night Vision 2.0 Infrared Stealth Binoculars. Featuring real infrared night vision technology, these binoculars enable you to see up to 50 feet in overall darkness. Kids 8 years and older will like switching the binoculars to spy mode for concealed operations, or utilizing the long-range mode for peripheral monitoring. With a high contrast dual-eye LCD display and an adjustable focus, the Eyeclops binoculars supply a clear window to a never-before-seen world. Night Vision 2.0 Infrared Stealth Binoculars Ages: 8+Requires: 5"AA"batteries(not included)Adult assistance with battery setup What We Think Enjoyable factor: Durability:
Educational factor: Novelty factor: The Good: Binoculars with night vision let you view objects in the dark up
  • to 50 feet away. The Challenging: Small field of vision makes it harmful to walk or run while utilizing binoculars. In
  • a Nutshell: Lightweight design and user friendly features make sophisticated infrared technology available to kids. With a 50-foot range, these
    night-vision safety glasses enable you to see what happens in the dark. View larger. Two modes of vision enable you to choose stealth or distance, depending upon the situation
    . View larger. Binoculars with Real Infrared Technology Step into the backyard after dark with these infrared binoculars and you'll see a nighttime world, remarkably illuminated. The real working infrared technology will amaze kids with its capability to bring
    a perfectly dark environment into clear, bright focus. With a variety of up to 50 feet, the high contrast dual-eye LCD display provides an amazingly clear picture of what goes on in the dark. Designed for concealed operations, the binoculars include action

    detailing and black pigmentation that lets kids operate under the radar. The dual display screen provides clear images that can be seen with both

    eyes, and the form-fitting eyepiece with eye-width modification makes sure a comfortable fit. A black neck strap makes certain that
    the binoculars will not fall or get lost in the middle of the night. Long Range Mode vs. Stealth Mode The Eyeclops features 4 different modes for different types of operations. Stealth Mode makes you absolutely unnoticeable by getting rid of the light that is released by the binoculars. Long-range mode helps you concentrate on individuals or objects that are as far as 50 feet away. Both Spy mode and Military mode modify your field of vision to imitate the result of utilizing real infrared binoculars. Lovers of the outdoors will be delighted to discover that the infrared light illuminates small insects and the reflective surfaces of animals'eyes. While the binoculars make it a cinch to see in the dark, the relatively small field of vision makes it harmful to run while checking out them. Adult supervision is recommended for safe play, and for the setup of the Eyeclops' 5 "AA"batteries(not included ). What's in the Box Eyeclops night vision binoculars with neck strap, and user's manual. The comfy neckband enables you to see in the dark with your hands free-- best for spying!

    Product Features

    See up to 50' in complete and total darkness Use both eyes to view Handheld binocular design Powered by real infra-red technology The product has got a cool look

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